Amrita Cacao

Our highest mission is to bring the purest and best quality ceremonial grade Cacao for your personal daily use, for private rituals with family and friends, or for guided ceremonies with your community.


Our Events in Barcelona & Spain


27th of April at Frizzant

We are back!

A moment to listen, feel and align.

This ceremony is an invitation to a unique experience in which you will be guided to your heart and your inner sanctuary. Giving you an opportunity to listen and feel what your body is sharing with you, so that you can align with your true expression.


About Cacao Ceremonies

Amrita Cacao offers Cacao ceremonies in Amara Valley and around Catalunya, Spain. Check out the Schedule for new events or book your private ceremony with us!

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Still curious about Ceremonial Cacao?

Having lived our entire lives with the concept of chocolate as a sweet treat that most kids love, that as adults we crave when we need comfort and that creates a sense of immediate dopamine high, makes it hard to understand what this "new trend" of Ceremonial Cacao actually is. Well, click on the link below to read and perhaps answer all your doubts about this incredible plant that is here to show us much more than some simple pleasures.

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