Cacao Ceremonies

We honor the Cacao plant wisdom, offering medicine ceremonies worldwide

Our mission is to serve as a bridge between the Cacao plant and those who are willing to receive its knowledge.
We facilitate spaces where you will feel safe and ready to open up to your intuition, and step into your own power.

Cacao: Food of the Gods

Ka’kaw was the original name the Mayans gave to what they considered a magical plant. Used in ritual, as an offering to the Gods, in marriage ceremony and as a drink to share in shamanic circles, Cacao represented the divine in the cultures of Mesoamerica. The Mayan myth of creation said that God made men out of corn, and then a “plumed serpent” offered them cacao to drink and become humans with all the wisdom of nature.

It did not take long for the first colonialists to witness the power that Cacao had in the indigenous traditions. Once they recognized the intrinsic value of the plant they started using it as currency, bringing sacks of Cacao beans across the ocean to serve the aristocrats and the royalty of Spain on demand, and later on, the whole of Europe. Although they were not impressed at first by the bitterness of its taste, they soon discovered that mixing it with sugar made the stimulating beverage much more appealing for the citizens of the Old World.

In the last centuries we lost the veneration for this unique plant medicine that not only allow us to reconnect with nature and its wisdom but that it also contains dozens of beneficial properties for our body, mind and wellbeing. The chocolate product is what we mainly know nowadays, but the cacao plant is still growing strong all over the equator, giving us the opportunity to experience it in its purest form.

The botanical name given to the cacao tree is Theobroma Cacao, which in Greek, literally means: Cacao Food of the Gods.

Cacao Ceremonies

A Cacao ceremony in the modern world is an opportunity for us to get together in circle and create a space for personal inquiry and deep transformation. Using Cacao as a catalyst to guide us through an internal journey, the wisdom of the plant medicine will help us clarify our place in this world, our relationship with nature and the direction of our next steps.

Each ceremony is unique, bringing together the right constellation of people that will create the circle. We hold the space together, let the magic happen and trust in the healing power of the plant to dictate the rhythm. Cacao used in ceremony can be a very therapeutic experience, allowing us to go deeper in our personal work. Its gentle yet deeply powerful effects lead us to engage more deeply with our emotions and awareness, revealing an expansive openness and sensitivity that puts us in touch with our higher wisdom and the teacher inside of us.

Cacao’s subtle medicine will ignite your intuition, creativity and inner power, and will guide you through each step of the journey, allowing you to receive its gifts with gratitude.

Benefits of Cacao

Cacao is considered a medicine by the indigenous traditions in Central and South America, and it is used in shamanic healing rituals. Its undeniable nutritional properties have also convinced Western medicine that consuming Cacao is highly recommended as a supplement for vibrant health.

For more information on the Science based benefits of Cacao check the page What is Ceremonial Cacao?

Cacao is also a stimulant that, unlike coffee, puts us in a state of presence and acceptance of the Now. Its sensual and aphrodisiac properties help us connect with ourselves and others in a more authentic and liberating way. Some of the effects that people have recorded after Cacao Ceremonies are:

opening up of the senses
opening up intuition
heart openness
creates connections 
instigate creativity (music, art, poetry, etc)
cleanses the system
clears un-useful thoughts and patterns
gives you a glimpse of the Truth
it energizes you
it brings joy
love sharing
gives a clear vision into what’s possible
awakens imagination
creates a space with no judgement or expectations
time changing, feeling of slowing things down
connection with your ancestors
helps you make choices from a higher state of consciousness
brings you into the present moment
quiets down mental chatter

Ceremonial Protocol

Mutual respect between Cacao and You is key for a successful ceremony. Cacao usually presents itself as a Goddess, or simply as a feminine representation. Listen deeply, without judgements and expectations, and she will guide you through. If you treat her like a big sister that is walking along with you, she will show you her wisdom. Trust in Her! 

Always use it with an intention
Ask for permission
Let go of controlling the situation
Be in service of the process
Avoid asking too much of Her
Listen, open your heart and develop a relationship with the plant
You co-create a space together
Wait to act
Let yourself be guided
Avoid getting stuck in your story, allow emotions to arise and dissipate

    A Cacao Ceremony is a safe space where the plant medicine creates an umbrella for everyone to express themselves freely under it. If we are open to receive, we will feel the benefits of seeing the world through Her eyes, with self-love and compassion. Cacao brings us back to balance with our fellow humans, with all other species, and with Mother Earth.

    Embrace the Change!

    Whether you want to organize a private session, or a group in your space, offer a ceremony at one of your events or invite us to facilitate for any special occasion – contact us and we will be very happy to guide you with the best option!

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