Amrita Nibs


As pure as it gets.

Amrita Cacao Nibs give you a taste of paradise on Earth. Their incredibly rich mouthful, crunchy texture and undeniable nutritional value makes them a blissful experience. 

This is the purest Cacao from Meso-America, with nothing added nor taken away. The cacao beans are fermented under the Sun with its own pulp, lightly roasted to give them the perfect flavour and crushed into magical pearls to enrich any meal that you want.

How to use:

Amrita Nibs are ready to be used and the perfect add-on to your favorite meals.


100g — 10€

250g — 18€

500g — 30€

1kg — 55€

Note that we are a little company fueled by love! Shippings are done twice a week and take between 2-3 days for national shippings and 4-7 days for international ones. Thanks for supporting and understanding!

This product is not available for Barcelona pick up, only shipping.