Amrita Cacao

Nuestra misión es traer el Cacao de grado ceremonial más puro y de la mejor calidad para tu uso personal diario, para rituales privados con familiares y amigos, o para ceremonias guiadas con tu comunidad.


Nuestros Eventos en Barcelona y España


Friday 31st of March at Frizzant - BCN

This is a call out to all the Sisters for an evening of honouring and sharing our creative power. As human beings we have the capacity to channel the wisdom that Nature reveals to us in many different ways. This month we will gather under to connect with Mother Earth under the guidance of the Cacao plant medicine.

This event will be held in English



17-21 Abril 2023 - ONLINE EVENT - in English

After the incredible experience of the first collective Cacao Fast in the Spring we will open the space again for more transformation and connection with the plant. This is a shared journey, with group guidance, 2 zoom sharing circles, a support ebook with information and additional exercises, and a private telegram support group to share experiences and feel the power of the collective.

No special requirements needed, no need to do it all, you choose your pace, you choose your experience.

Are you in?

Get your Cacao before the 9th of April to be able to receive it in time!




with Rebekah Shaman at Amara Valley, Spain

8-2 of June 2023

A Medicine journey with Cacao, Mushrooms and Blue Lotus.

It is an inmense honour to bring my mentor and teacher Rebekah Shaman to my home in Spain, Amara Valley, for a unique medicine retreat. Rebekah will guide us on a journey to deeply connect with the spirit of Plant Medicines, so that we can use them as a ceremonial tool for transformation and healing. These powerful plant medicines, when taken together, create deep long lasting healing and transformation. This Reset Retreat is a safe space to experience these deep, powerful plant medicines with a trained Shaman of 25 years. You will be guided safely and professionally, to ensure you get the healing and support you need.


Sobre las Ceremonias de Cacao

Amrita Cacao ofrece ceremonias de Cacao en Amara Valley y alrededor de Catalunya, España. ¡Consulta el Calendario de nuevos eventos o reserva tu ceremonia privada con nosotras!

¡Suena interesante!

Still curious about Ceremonial Cacao?

Having lived our entire lives with the concept of chocolate as a sweet treat that most kids love, that as adults we crave when we need comfort and that creates a sense of immediate dopamine high, makes it hard to understand what this "new trend" of Ceremonial Cacao actually is. Well, click on the link below to read and perhaps answer all your doubts about this incredible plant that is here to show us much more than some simple pleasures.

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