Amrita Ceremonial


Amrita Cacao supports the ancient practice of cacao as a ceremonial drink by offering the purest and finest quality of ceremonial grade cacao. A complete journey from seed to cup that will transport you to the origins of this enchanting plant used as medicine and as a means to connect with our highest Self.

Our Cacao comes from beautiful family Cacaotales (Cacao farms) in El Salvador, Guatemala and Costa Rica. This was Mayan land where some of the first varieties of Cacao criollo were found. There are still some autochthonous varieties that are only found in this part of the World and that grow wild in the forest.

Now you can have this beautiful plant of the jungle in your own home, completing the cycle of intentionality from seed to cup.

Note that we are a little company fuelled by love! Shippings are done twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays and take between 2-3 days for national shippings and 4-7 for international ones. Thanks for supporting and understanding!


250g -- 18€

420g -- 30€

1kg -- 60€

2kg -- 112€ (special offer at 56€/kg)

If you live in BARCELONA and prefer to pick up your Cacao from our distributor and avoid shipping costs, please make your order through the link below: