Cacao Fast

 17-19 April

Online Event 


Welcome to the second collective experience that we will co-create together from our homes! We have the opportunity to explore and dive deeper into our relationship with this beautiful plant.

If you have been drawn to this experience is because Cacao has spoken clearly to your heart, and you listened! This is already a huge step, and shows that you are on the right track to start, continue or consolidate the work that Cacao and you are meant to do together.

Why fasting?

Fasting is a very ancient practice that has very powerful results for our physical, physiological and mental bodies. “We are what we eat”, so taking a break from habitual patterns of eating and giving the body the time to reset is a rare and powerful gift in our current times.

Some of the benefits:
Cell restoration
Improved creativity
Higher energy levels
Regulation of blood-sugar levels
Improved mental clarity
Boost in brain function
Encourages detoxification


How would this work?

Monday 17th at 8pm CET

- starting with a Cacao Zoom Circle

- after the circle you will be invited to start the fast 

From Tuesday 18th to Friday 21st

- full fasting practice 

- recommended 2-3 doses of Cacao through the day (40-60g max in total)

Friday 21st at 8pm CET

- closing the experience with a Cacao Zoom Circle

- after the circle you will be able to continue the fast until the next morning or break the fast with light dinner

Who is this fasting for?

Don't be scared! This is an opportunity to go deeper into yourself, and you decide how far you want to take your experience. I will be supporting on our private Telegram group daily, sharing videos and guidelines through the entire process as well as will be available for any consultations you might need. Overall, the main point is for you to have a deep experience with Cacao and connect with the plant in a different way. you will be able to do a "normal" life, go to work, etc, although we reccommend not to push yourself with extra work load or social events. 

Not reccommended if:

  • you are pregnant
  • have an eating disorder
  • take medication that needs food ingestion
  • other mental health issues



1. there is NO need to suffer

2. Share your experience and support others

3. Drink lots of water!

4. Stick to the dosage

5. Drink with intention


What's included?

- 2 Zoom Circles

- An ebook with daily guidance

- Daily videos to support your experience

- A 15min video on the science of Fasting by Nutritionist Ben Dessard

- Ongoing private Telegram group support 

- Guidance on how to prepare for the fast 5 days before the start and how to re-feed after the fast



An investment of 50€ will be necessary to join the experience and gain access to all the online support and resources. 


What Cacao?

You can use any Ceremonial Grade Cacao that you might already have at home. Otherwise you can purchase Amrita Cacao (250g will be enough for the experience) and can buy directly with a discount as you register on the link below until APRIL 10th to ensure that if can be delivered in time.

Please, do NOT use cacao powder or chocolate bars!




Thank you for trusting in Cacao and let's do this!



"Thank you for the opportunity to get to know my essence better, which is ours through this powerful medicine. It has been a beautiful encounter with the wisdom of sacred cocoa, which takes us not where we want, but where we need."


"I love Cacao. I love fasting. The mix has been incredible, the energy and magic of Cacao in this process has been key to delving deeper into this journey. What has to come always arrives and Cacao creates the necessary space to make that possible! I give a thousand thanks to Carlota for the proposal and the support, love and dedication with which she has been there every day. Eager for more! With love." Laura