WOMB ALCHEMY - Pregnancy Loss & Infertility Retreat

from grieving womb to hopeful heart
A retreat for women who have experienced pregnancy loss and live with infertility
10-13 of November 2022 



Part of our heart leaves when we lose our child. After the deepest sorrow that your heart can bear, it can seem impossible to move beyond the pain, even to find meaning in life anymore. Embracing the sadness, disappointment, frustration, anger, or all of it at once, can be overwhelming in a society that does not create the space for these hard and heart conversations to happen. 

The invitation to this retreat comes out of the strong desire to create a safe haven for us mothers with unborn children, whether we then gave birth at some point in our lives or not, as well as childless mothers that live each day facing into the complex journey of infertility. 


The first step to move on from the deepest wounds of the heart is coming back to basics: self care is the key. And that’s what this time will be about, an opportunity to engage with your whole self as a thriving living being, creating nourishing relationships and building a perhaps new sense of purpose. We will be held through our process by the medicine of the circle, the sisterhood, the Cacao ceremonies and the Temazcal ritual.


We are not alone. And as cliché as this sentence can sound, we often forget about it when we are submerged in grief. Our minds can play tricks on us, spinning thoughts around, making us feel small, ashamed, guilty, unable to share our pain or even name it. There is nothing more healing than being able to share vulnerably and be heard by others who can relate and understand us. In the pregnancy loss and infertility journey, community is the key piece for constant support and long lasting integration.


Any woman who has experienced a pregnancy loss or the loss of hope in being a mother, is a warrioress. Every day feels like being on the battlefield, in constant war with a world that tells us - loudly or quietly - that we are “not enough”, that something is “wrong” with us, that what happened to us is “not normal”. But it is only so long that we can carry on by wearing armour against our feelings. At some point we need to let down our guard and transform the pain and the unfairness of life into the fuel for our future and therefore, of our human evolution.


I am Carlota, a 40 year old woman, a classical violinist, yogini, living food chef and ceremony and group facilitator. The last 5 years of my life have been shaped by 3 miscarriages and 4 unsuccessful IVF treatments. Only now am I able to acknowledge how much these experiences have allowed me to grow in unexpected directions. Only now can I see the blessing in the burden. Only now am I grateful for my journey with infertility. Only now am I able to look back to a closed chapter, and offer myself in service of those in need of a friendly hand to hold through the darkness of grief. This retreat is born from the need to create what I had hoped to find during the darkest nights of the soul. I am ready to open my heart, share my experience, hold your processes, and walk alongside you as women, as sisters, as mothers.

I am also extremely excited to bring my dear friend, doula and incredible medicine woman Xochtilquetzal from Mexico, who will guide us on our journey into the womb of the big mother Earth with one of the oldest rituals in history: a ceremony of Temazcal (sweat lodge) to release and be reborn into the new women we are.


The program will give us a frame where we can be free to be ourselves and to support the needs of the group, as well as allowing enough intimate and personal time for reflection and integration. 

Thursday 10th


15h Arrival

17h Landing Practice

19h Dinner

20:30h Opening Circle

Friday 11th


8:30h Walking Meditation 

9:00h Embodied Practice & Altar Creation - Carlota

11h Brunch

12-16h Silent time / Massage / Self Care / Walk in Nature

16h Cacao Ceremony: Honoring our Loss

19:30h Dinner

21:00h Sharing Circle by the fire


Saturday 12th


8:30h Meditation

9h Embodied Practice 

11h Brunch

12-15h Silent time / Massage / Self Care / Walk in Nature

15h Temazcal Preparation & Ritual

Sunday 13th


9h Cacao Ceremony: Alchemizing the Grief

13h Closing Circle

14h Lunch


  • Women who experienced some form of pregnancy loss: miscarriage, stillbirth, ectopic pregnancy, missed-miscarriage, or pregnancy termination
  • Women who live with infertility, and the complex emotions surrounding the experience of being childless not by choice

NOTEThe reason for the specificity of the requirements is because I want to be very honest and open in facilitating this retreat and want to be able to hold a space that is within my range of experience. I hope that you understand. If you feel called to join this retreat but do not meet the above descriptions, read the FAQ below and if you still have questions, please get in touch via email and I will be more than happy to talk through your case. 


  • Does my pregnancy loss need to be recent?

No, this can be a great opportunity to revisit old wounds, or closed chapters that you have been holding for a long time.

  • Can I come if I am a mother but I experienced a miscarriage in the past?

Yes. Take into account that this will be a highly sensitive environment, with many potentially triggering situations, so we ask you to be aware of that.

  • Can I come if I had an abortion?

Yes. Take into account that this will be a highly sensitive environment, with many potentially triggering situations, so we ask you to be aware of that.

  • Can my partner attend?

This is a women (a.k.a. human with a womb) only retreat. If your partner has a womb and she/they would like to join, they are very welcome. Men are not invited to the circle as the nature of the work will be specifically for women. 

  • Is there an age minimum or limit?


  • Is Cacao going to be a part of the work?

Yes! The Cacao medicine will be our support through the whole time helping us enter the work with a lighter heart.


Amara Valley is a little piece of paradise, with healing nature all around it, quiet forests and a deep sense of possibility. The team here will hold us and provide for everything we will need so that we can completely relax into the process of the work.

There is a range of accommodation and you will be able to choose your desired one in the booking form below.

RUSTIC SUITE     Twin Room.    Cabin Suite


Click on the link below to go to the registration form where you will be able to see the total pricing of the retreat, share your details as well as choose your accommodation preference.


"Let's begin the journey back to ourselves"

with love,