Amrita Ceremonial Gift Box


We are very excited to be offering this unique ceremonial pack to gift to your loved ones or to yourselves.

There is no Cacao ritual without a special cup! This is a collaboration with The Cacao Society, who creates this beautiful handmade cups. They are mindfully designed to honor Cacao and to support you on your experience with Ceremonial Cacao.

It has the perfect shape to be held and “hugged” with both hands, feeling the warmth of the Cacao. It has a reddish brown color, like traditional pottery, valuing the ancestral and embracing simplicity.

In this gift box you will also find 250g of Amrita’s Ceremonial Cacao, made with the most pure and fine Cacao from El Salvador, which is just enough for 10 ceremonial doses.

There is also a Palo Santo stick to cleanse and purify your ceremonial space, and a little sample of Cacao Nibs to add to your morning cereals, smoothies, yoghurt or other desserts. It is also a great option to put on your altar or to give as an offering to the Earth!

Thank you so much for supporting the small businesses and for trusting in the Cacao magic.

The Amrita Ceremonial Gift Box includes:
◈ Amrita Ceremonial 250g
◈ Amrita Nibs 100g
◈ Ceramic Cacao Cup by The Cacao Society
◈ Long-lasting Palo Santo incense stick from Peru
◈ Handful of Salvadoran cacao beans in a small yute bag, for your altar or to offer to the Earth

Note that we are a little company fueled by love! Shippings are done twice a week and take between 2-3 days for national shippings and 4-7 days for international ones. Thanks for supporting and understanding!


This product is not available for Barcelona pick up, only shipping.

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